Relive the milestone of Delta Sport Joint-stock Company for about 15 years has been involved in sport gear industry.

Getting Started:
August 5th, 2002: Delta Sport Joint-stock Company (known as Delta Sport Ldt.) was established in But Son town, Hoang Hoa district, Thanh Hoa, Vietnam by 4 founders. Start with 35 talented staffs, we create our first soccer ball and handball under the standard & technology imported from Hungary. On this time, Delta product used cow leather technique and exported to East Europe area.

1st Technology Innovating:
2004 – 2005: Delta replaced cow leather technique by artificial leather technology to ahead market trend. It was considered one of the biggest push which helps us penetrate both local and international market.
2006: Stabilized and improved production line as well as renovated technology. We began to receive big & long term order and export to North America. We had chance to corporate with Voit, Bigma, etc. at the first time.

1st Expanding:
2007 – 2008: Stabilize and improved factory and technology, open a manufacturing branch in Hau Loc district, Thanh Hoa and a represent office in Ho Chi Minh city. This sub-office is the first step of Delta strategy to enter the garment manufacturing industry. Since 2007, Delta product has appeared in Brazil, Italy, United States, Germany. Many partners such as Cambuci, Erima, Eria, Challenger, UHL Sport, Nordic etc. highly appreciate our good & service. Many of them keep doing business with us up to now with strong commitment.
2009: Project Upgrade and Expand Delta Sport Company officially began construction. With 2.1 hectare enlargement, we built a garment factory and a soccer ball factory with up to date equipment and technology under international standard for more than 1,600 workers. It’s also a highlight in our history when we transform from an agency to a manufacturer in garment industry.

Customer developing:
2010: Upgrade garment production line under Japanese standard, begin to corporate with Mizuno from Japan, Marutex, Diadora, etc.
2011: Delta continuously developed both garment and sport factory, built business relationships with Itochu (Japan), Visitex (Australia), Itada (Taiwan), etc.

2nd Expanding:
2012: Officially began construction super project Delta Manufacture & Welfare Complex Zone with total investment is up to 125 millions US dollar in 12 hectare area. It includes 76 production lines, Delta general hospital, canteen, fitness center, kindergarten, apartment building for employee, etc.
2013: Besides the complex zone in progress, Delta also concern about boost productivity, approach new partner and keep loyal customer. In December 2013, Delta completed the first construction’s period, which brought 13,000 m2 factory come into operation and created about 1000 jobs for local.
2014: Move on the second period of expanding project includes apartment building for employee, establish training center to meet factory demand for skillful worker.